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Post by Aru on Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:00 pm

1. No flaming. (It will not be tolerated unless in an obvious joking fashion)

2. No spamming. (It will not be tolerated unless in an obvious joking fashion)

3. No trolling. Period. It will not be tolerated.

-Do not egg on the trolls. An admin or moderator will deal with them.

4. No sexual content.

5. No one may post any personal information (email address, private address, phone numbers, etc) other than their own.

6. Proper Grammar and Spelling are required in the sections that dictate such.

- No 1337 speak or any sort of jargon that the forum at large won't understand. On a related note, of you know you have bad spelling and/or grammar, please run it through a spell check program before posting.

7. The vote rule:

The vote rule works as follows. This forum is a republic of sorts, the admins and moderators work for the members of this RP. If at anytime the members of the RP become dissatisfied with the admin or moderators' decision, a vote may be made, in which if two thirds or more of the forum vote against said decision it will be overruled.

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