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Game Play Rules

Post by Aru on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:34 pm

Welcome to Red Dawn.

Red Dawn is a rp that takes place in the year 2500 of an alternate earth. On this earth, magic does exist and does so in harmony with science. In fact, magic itself has become a branch of science after many studies on the workings of it. Along with magic, many of our mythos are reality. There exist dragons, although they have been hunted to near extinction, and a myriad of other mythical creatures. A single world nation governs all humans, sentient mythical beings, cyborgs and androids on this earth. Although no one recalls why or when, battle tournaments have been a way of life for centuries. They provide chances at fame, wealth and glory, among other things. You will be taking the role of a character that participates in these tournaments on a team. The use of guns is outlawed in such tournaments, with an entire government agency the Tournament Regulations Agency, tasked with sanctioning, refereeing, and judging all tournaments. However there are also unsanctioned tournaments were anything goes.

The objectives and goals of this game will vary, not only on whats occurring in the game itself, but also by you, the players. Your characters will help shape many of the outcomes in this game.


Gameplay in Red Dawn will be split into turns. You may take actions by posting them in the relevant thread, or by PMing them to me in private. If you chose to do both, then the PM will be taking precedent over the post, which means you can say whatever you want in the post and not have any of it actually happen. This will be useful mostly when you face each other.

You must roll a set of dice once each turn to determine your attributes for the turn, once again you may do this in the thread or via pm to me.

Combat will be taking up the majority of gameplay as it is the focus. There are several actions you may perform in combat:

You attack an enemy in combat with you. Your combat attack value (STR+ MODIFIERS + 3d8) is pitted against their combat defense value (END + MODIFIERS + 3d6). If your value is higher, you deal the difference in damage.

You may choose to do nothing but defend for a turn. If this is the case, their combat attack value is reduced by half.

Special Attack
You use a magic, mental or other special attack on an enemy in combat with you. Your special attack value (Special + 1/2 STR + MODIFIERS + Dice roll from Art) is pitted against their special defense value (Special + 1/2 DEF + MODIFIERS + Bonus from Art). If your value is higher, you deal the difference in damage.


All players will be starting at Level 1. You gain 1 Level for each 100 Experience points you get. EXP are gained for defeating opponents, winning tournaments, as well as for good roleplaying. You gain 3 character points each time you gain a level. These points may be spent on boosting your stats or leveling your attributes.



During every turn, you must roll 3 attack and 3 defense dice. Failure to do so will result in your rolls being considered 0.

Rolling dice is very simple. When making a post(if you're doing a quick reply, click preview) underneath the text field you will find a table labeled Dice Roll. You simply select what type of dice and how many. If you need to roll more than one type of dice, you click the little plus button. This will automatically add your dice rolls to your post.(please use only this method for rolling dice in posts, if you do not, i will treat your dice rolls as 0.)

To pm me dice rolls you must use the BBC code which works as follows

 [roll="Attack"]x[/roll]    [roll="Defense"]x[/roll]    [roll="Special dx"]x[/roll]


If you have any questions not answered here or in the character creation guide, please feel free to ask them.

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Re: Game Play Rules

Post by Shai on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:29 am


Arts are the use of nonphysical powers, be it magical, mental or otherwise. The Arts are divided into several categories including:

Combat Arts are those that deal damage to one's opponent.

Defensive Arts protect oneself from an opponent.

Healing Arts are those that heal damage already done.

Trap Arts are those that hold an opponent at bay.

Summons Arts allow you to summon creatures to help you defeat an opponent.

To use Arts one must release it, this requires stating its form and release name. This however can be bypassed if one is powerful enough. The form is the type of Art it is, in this example, Combat Art: Needle Spray, the form is combat art and the release name is needle spray.

These Arts are all available at a price in Farnsworth's. Also, each Art uses a special set of dice, which depends completely upon the Art itself. Oftentimes, the set of dice involved will determine how expensive an Art is.

Each tournament has different regulations as to how many Arts one can use in a single battle.

There are also Arts that are powerful enough that they do not have a place in regular tournaments. These are illegal when used in one of these government sanctioned tournaments and you will be automatically disqualified from a tournament if you use one.

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